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released April 14, 2012

Vocals: SKIP Beat Production: Swamburger Mixing: Beef Wellington



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SKIP Orlando

Follow @seeskip cause I'm dope. Miscreant, artist, emcee, graphic designer, training photographer, stencilist extraordinaire. Orlando, FL.

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Track Name: SEE SKIP
I’m still here / though not promised a tomorrow / I’m maintaining / got my head in the clouds / two feet on the pavement / past giving up / it limited my potential / disconnected to my intention / conflicted / now for example – back / when what I wanted was to be seen and left alone / I left my home / convinced it only being a stepping stone / abandoned upbringing after learning we’re bought and sold / promised the American Dream but got the status quo / mad as hell, not merely young and angry / trying to live, and my persistence will measure how many times it’ll take me / I exist / not a born leader, just able fan / and my consistency will constitute the man I am / hoping that I meant something to someone / hoping that in something I said, it did something / hoping even after I’m gone, and life leaves me / maybe with a real good look you still see me (here) /

we are young / and destiny's not where we come from / we are young / see me /

Despite myyyy / better efforts as an adolescent / known but was never seen / furthering this illusion’s selective dream / lesson being / to see is to believe / and those invisible, never existed / (and) were only fictional / addicted to attention / my conviction conditional / tried to compensate / how to make / life more spiritual – but / what we resist persists in time / though useless / bad faith insists without proof and truthfulness / I represented all the things we’ve fought / my thought then / bought in / but never saw God in the pews / failure’s easy at a time like this / nonsense / beneath my shell, couldn’t see myself (it’s true) / you / you saw me didn’t you? / left work and home to come learn from and live with you / saw nothing in which to give to you / was just a fan / you said “anyone can be a better artist / be a better man /

Who we are had never fit within the home we left / Grasped like a past life, flashback of every step / fully /
Walking on eggshells / no exhale for worries / Kept to myself / hiding from God and school bullies / Yes I let the lesser man fool me /Man or a muppet / fucked if puppet strings pull me / back / Home was a battlefield / where no one there knew me / Fueled by a sadness that could disregard beauty / I needed to be seen / to see myself worth the effort / And a stage is a powerful means of public record / Some seem to question their use and feel pressured / while Others will dismiss of the truth and feel lectured / my Process exhibited self-control developed through time / At times dictated the pace I write rhymes / Been difficult to breathe / though I still see /know I at times have changed / I am still me / Putting on a show to be seen /
Track Name: Crazy Boy
I got this illness of infatuation / hardly can stand up without it affecting my occupation / help me to figure this out / i do what i've got to / yet pondering where it could take me / after time even discarded food starts looking tasty / faced with the constant pace / that desperately commonplace that either the work ain't consistent or compensate's eeeeehhhh.... meager / masochism / another ass to kiss and / convince the masses that you passions more than half dimensioned / perhaps a relapsed condition hidden within my mind / a call for help / but yo sometimes the help is hard to find / i had the hardest time and needed help to pay the rent / so every single meal i get or dollar made is heaven sent / and doctor / am i addicted to being broke? / is my attempt in music just a method in which to cope? / am i a joke? / a punchline when it comes time / cause sometimes this life can make you snap when it's crunch time /

not your typical lyrical contradiction / i'm convinced i'm competition / all i'm missing is income and all i got's another hard decision / the hardest part of living is not to stay alive / but to keep your sanity / a real rarity in most 9 to 5's / apparently what's been scaring me / stop to ask for help / in fact i've always felt i shouldn't take what i can't make myself / (that's fucked up) / meanwhile the bills are piling up / now i'm filing them back in two stacks / which is due past and who might sue last / a breaking news flash / two rival crews clash on the west side / some of them live well / while all the rest died / in having less i find that the stress can be relentless / well in times like these it'll tell you who your friends is /
Track Name: Hey ECHO!
The artist enters left / all you see is his silhouette / at the concerto / With the spotlight in his face / he approaches the center stage / and walks in tempo /
Inhaled to fill the lung / moment hung up on what’s to come / like a crescendo / And he opens his mouth / yet there’s no one there to hear the shout / there’s just the echo /

Hey echo / We’re the only ones here / it’s been so lonely since everybody had disappeared / clearly got the best of themselves / the ‘oh wells’ got what they feared / through the years / til all that’s left was us here / Hey echo / The lights have gotten dimmer / something signaled your surrender / yet’s too difficult to remember / the ember of the fire / once wild / now faded / only memories / the possibilities all got played / Hey echo / Where did you go? / need we wait here further? / was it suicide? Euthanize? / was it murder? / did you stop? / did you wait til it was too late? /
forgotten that karma means everything you say will…

Doomed to repeat what you / forget / then you should stand for something / ‘til disillusion is forfeited / this has been for nothing / indifferent / ‘nother incident that ya manifest / and we see the repercussions / yet somehow we never learn our lesson / second guessed an investment / guilty / but who’s to blame? / catastrophe / in the event of we actually would all do that same / cynic / skeptic / hectic / frantic / man on the move / my mood dissident / here but unseen / no one listening / now

Hey echo / Where do we go? / Should we continue further? / Was it suicide, euthanize or was it murder? / Did you refuse to recognize til it was too late? / Perhaps you didn’t understand the aftermath / what you say

Echoes / I’d been a stranger to abundance / my reaction came distracted by the routine up and comings / rebel yell / well resounded but drowned / I’d never learned my lesson / distracted expression / impression… none / just my reflection / anger directed in / my pro-cess and limitation / inadequate or just out of sync with imagination / and complications all I’m facing as if I made em do it / if we make it through it / pray you stay / and we’ll say we knew it / ahhhh
franchise / baptized / chastised / self-penance /
I’m out of my environment / might have been / leviathan / but fuck it / I swallowed every word I ever said to stand before you / saying “fuck your skepticism I ignore you” / echo /
Track Name: American Psycho
I exist / if only as a product of a wish / that began as who I used to be / now I’m this / I switched and / realized just what life is, was or was it? / our ego or the ignorant people who said it wasn’t / cause I’m / a war-time poet / opposing / war-time presidents who lose focus / and sleep dreaming up new better ways to kill / while we’re forced to wake up to nightmares still / still I ain’t American / I’m just a human being myself / and would never let where I let my head define wealth / and will the pride cure the cancer / when the rich are getting richer and the poor are necromancer / til the people just die / fossilized ghosts of a land before time / put your pencils down in a single file line / pray that God will hear us now / ashes to ashes and we all fall down /

we were built to build bombs / but we're working on it / and where we go we cause harm / but we're working on it / worldwide vietnam / but we're working on it / and won't admit when we're wrong / but we're working on it /

New day / same war / new war / the same shit /
Countdown / the end of the world / it came quick /
Destiny or anxiety / I won’t pick / Time’s up / so come what may / I won’t quit / Not knowing why we do what we do’s / the main reason we do things the way that we do em wrong / more haunting than the words of a song / our mistakes will live on / long after we’re dead and gone / we dem-on-strate what we tru-ly about / we be-lieve what we hear / but don’t live what we shout like / America / at times it seems we’re the enemy / A bully wondering why nobody will be friends with me / Sent into a tailspin to think of our history / Trade it in to feel safe from the people who’re pissed at me / A villain / grown to be the one we once feared / Know the boogieman under your bed is now here / To be clear / We’re to blame if we don’t interfere / Just to vote for a side of the coin each four years / now / tell me what it means to be free / tell me how now what we are is what we claim to be / there’s something in the way we never see… clearly /
especially the things we hold dearly / Weary from the wait/weight of it all / we fall further from the truth /
Expect the worst from each other but yet we don’t demand proof / No honor / no peace / some see it’s no use / Know more heroes left to save the whole world / there’s just you / go! /
Track Name: Organ Grinder
Kill me / Co-habit emphatic turned vapid combatant / we stagnant, static, and magically tragic by habit /

Kill me / No enduring satisfaction to bask / attempted to hash and we lasted / near to no passion to pass on / a travesty /

Kill me / An entirely retired empire / dire straights our environment / fire expired / and desire spent /

With your apathy / And look what’s happening now / I said and look what’s happening now /

Fill me / Expect and regretted the bet and what led to it / better put bed to it now / but upset with it still /

Fill me / I’m still me and will be right here for who feels me / fulfills me to know / that I go where I will me /

Fill me / I see and be in me how we look free / and am the man I am because somebody was a fan of me /

With your fear / And look what’s happening now / that’s the same shit that’s happening now / it’s like /

We are the people / and fans of something that’s under fire / and been scared to death and disappointed of it all this while / Waiting for superman, but / lending no useful hand, we / yelling that ‘yes we can’ but then / left it up to a single man / We’re never satisfied and seems that we’re always disapproving / no motion moving / losing / direction can get confusing / No more alluding / the enthusiasm isn’t there / so my persistence and devotion is the sign I care / There’s murder in ya mindset / maddens me in hindsight / indifferent or complaining / yo get your fucking mind right / Bridled by expectations / bibled in apathy / battling my own limitations / faced with fictional complications / We care but show no faces / it shows / only feel at place in our homes / unknown offline / and I’m reminded of it all the time / We look for lines and a design / but we ignore the dots / until the very end / I’ll keep grinding in on that organ box /
Track Name: I Am The Fan
I am the fan / and have the scene of where I’m living dug into the creases of the hands in which that I was given / and these hands could heal a world of undeserving victims / and improve conditions on how we’re seen by opposing systems / which benefit but won’t educate / and perpetrate acts with a mask but no subtlety / fate’s a word that might have been, done or said to me / but only a game we played / it’s not what was said to be / the fan / helped build this city up with my hands / yet I recognize the foundation that’s laid where I stand / I acknowledge those who paved it day to day for future groups of people / with broken backs like artifacts / just so that I would meet you / and so that you could meet her / and maybe so she could meet him / perhaps ya’ll vibe and who knows? / the lot of ya’ll could be friends / drawn to honest music / long to building views that grew to spark a movement / true, we fought / and got some ugly scars to prove it / cut my teeth in this town, rather it cut em for me / fuck the glory / put myself to work / most everyone ignored me / slightly jaded but too stubborn to quit prematurely / I reinvented my identity like those before me / my skin’s thick / got me feeling spent and breathing poorly / manic, I panicked / and thought the end was near / began recording / no warning / the violent rollercoaster I was boarding / humbled by every inconsistency that I’d been ignoring / dear infinity I searched for you and there you were / lax in my compassion / misunderstood what my hands were for / sons of our fathers / taught me my word was my worth as a man / a carpenter, artist, musician, and minister / and I was his fan / though most don’t understand it’s meaning / which is why we think that everything sucks / pack up and leave it / if dreams are what’s at stake / then and I’ll believe in whatever’s needed / and I need it / cause damn / I started this as a fan / I am a fan / and walk this winding road with my hands rugged / my plans suffered at times / but fuck it cause my fans dug it / cause when I’d begun to feel stuck / and too stressed to manage / you kick started the seeds my dream’s intentions had planted / and demanded more than I probably thought I had / which required for me to grow / I just wanted for you to know / I am the / man that made my name my art so you would see me / then had that name stained on my arm / so believe me / I am the fan… /

Around the time where grunge rock began to run things / I’d run to hide my records from my dad / he thought them unclean / yet something about it / made me stay up all late / to make the ultimate selections on my radio pause tapes / a fan / flannel sleeves in deep summer heat / that made a lonely kid feel like a world was there with love for me / and no one understood / headphones were necessity / so if I put em on / please don’t think less of me / I’m just a fan / a nobody with everything / who felt that anything was possible if I was listening attentively / I’d memorize the words and say them back like they were mine / and play pretend inside my room on air guitars and pantomimes / who knew these hands of mine could be for something great / or rather something good could happen / if someone would just relate / because he never was alone / but just in need of a fan / now I see clearly why I’m here / cause I am /
Track Name: I Am The Man
We take / what we want / what we have to do to get it / we do it / I’ve seen your motives / and you showed your limitation by not defending your civil rights and legal property ownership / Convinced of my existence / I eventually came to control your intentions / and took the marketplace / arm your space / lately home foreclosures getting commonplace / Resolution won’t be positive / revolutions not an option / gotten used to our dominance / consequence / over confidence / the system cant survive without your constant incompetence / don’t deserve what you got / what you’ve gotten never satisfied you at all / So whether / Your perceived need or my greed / I’ve achieved and made the means to meet my needs / I lead, elected myself / remind me what you think you’d even do with wealth / no I refuse to help a fool with no respect / lives in debt, surviving solely check to check / but I wouldn’t let that / or accept ‘that’s just life’ / think you have rights? / in a past life / I bought your ass and now I own you / so back into your cubicle like I told you /

I’m the man / man behind the curtain / committed myself to rule the uncertain / the only absolute in living / super villain / you asleep cannot defeat the billing /

you look but don’t see / see but don’t feel / act but don’t think / bet but won’t deal / what’s the game plan man? / a weekend with some television’s what you need to quit thinking / occupy another week at work dreaming/ while working day and night on your knees grieving / averagism / yet it stands to reason / fascism is what you get til you demand freedom! / it’s not sad or unfortunate / just the tale you wrote while sitting in the backseat / of your life / stuck in limbo / from living it back again in last week / so / recognize that I’m a product of the moment / things change in time but I won’t / cash has always spoken louder than the symbolic end product of election time votes / No pope or president resides until I give him my approval and permission / follow set condition / or we’ll Kennedy your ass on exhibition / let them listen / we made it blatant for fun and games / and then laughed aloud when everything had stayed the same / cry change but complain when it’s given to you / you’re the only one who ever did this to you